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Quito City Tour

This rapidly growing capital city has a past stretching back to times before the Incas made Quito the second capital of the Empire. The backdrop of mountains in which Quito is nestled is the only thing that remains unchanged: the Historic Center features colonial architecture, the Spanish constructed over the charred remains of the Incan city. Just north of the Historic Center, towering concrete and glass structures and tourist center of the city. Travelers worldwide are drawn to Quito for its developed tourist infrastructure, international cuisine, spectacular setting, adventure travel opportunities and the gentle, generous culture. Quito makes a good base for travel around Ecuador: transportation by land and air is plentiful and inexpensive.

Quito has two seasons: spring with rain, and spring with sun. Quito’s location about 40 km south of the equator and at an altitude of almost two miles above sea level, makes for starling temperatures changes in a 24-hour period. Quito gets downright cool when the sun is down and when it rains, but when the sun is out, you will find yourself stripped down to the bare minimum. Consequently, wearing layers is fundamental to being comfortable in Quito. Pants, a light t-shirt or tank top with a long-sleeve shirt and jacket or sweater should be fine most of the year. Travelers coming from colder climates will be amused at the winter garb of most Quiteños from September-April which often includes jackets, scarves, gloves and hats. Winter is a strong word, but during these months, afternoon storms are common and tend to drop the temperature to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During sunny days, the temperature can rise up to as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun is incredible strong, so be smart about sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

Quito City Tour

:: 7 hours aprox::
This interesting and renovated city tour starts with a visit of the Itchimbia neighborhood, which is a place that offers an spectacular view of the old and new city. Then you will visit the old colonial Quito starting in Santo Domingo Plaza walking through one of the oldest streets in the town “La Ronda Street” where you will see how the colonial houses were built and how the Quitenos lived in the sixteen hundreds.

Your walk takes you through the city museum to San Francisco Plaza, making a quick stop to try the typical sweets of Quito. San Francisco is the oldest church in Quito and it is full of history and legends.

Before visiting the church we highly recommend to visit the USHINA jewelry, a place where you will find fine art and exclusive designs made of silver, definitely a must in our city tour.

After this, a visit to La Merced church is organized to see the arabesque and baroque style that was used to decorate this church. Finally a visit to the main square…. Where the presidential palace, the main cathedral and some other important buildings can be appreciated.

La Compania de Jesus church is one of the most beautiful churches in South America or perhaps the world, this is the last treasure to be visited in our program before your guide takes you back to the hotel.

After you finish your visit in the old colonial town of Quito your tour coninues to visit the Equator just a few miles out of Quito, lunch is organized in a very traditional resaturant that serves de most delicous dishes of the Ecuadorian gastronomy and after this a vist to the Intinan Museum will be the best way to finish your day, learning about different pre-inca cultures and traditions of our indigenous groups.

In your way back to your hotel you can visit one of the most interesting galleries in town, ask your private guide if that is the case.

Photo Gallery Quito City Tour

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