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Red Mangrove Galapagos & Ecuador Lodges

Santa Cruz Lodge

Santa Cruz Island is the most important of the inhabitated islands of Galapagos archipel. Puerto Ayora is the largest town. Its 15.000 people live here, and most work in the tourism industry.

Built in 1995, this lodge has a unique architectural design which blends with the mangrove forest and seafront. Its location allows you to observe the mangrove ecosystem in action as well as the best view of Puerto Ayora's bay.

The lodge owners are commited to ecofriendly operation. Therefore, the lodge is going through a process of certification for sustainable management. 14 guest rooms are divided into 2 areas, seaside or inside the mangrove; all are equiped with a/c, cable tv, private bathroom and hot water. The seaside restaurant with Japanese/Galapagos fusion cuisine offers you the best choice in town.

Isabela Lodge

Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands. Formed by six large volcanic domes fused together, this is one of the most volcanically active places on earth.

Even though the island is the largest of the archipelago, its port town of Puerto Villamil has only 2000 inhabitants, most of them fishermen.

Separated from the ocean only by a broad, white sand, palm-lined beach, our oceanfront lodge has a beautiful wooden deck by the sea for all to enjoy as well as a rooftop terrace with sea views for miles.

All guest rooms have 2 queen beds and a private bath and 3 guest rooms have amazing sea views.

Floreana Lodge

Floreana Island is the least populated of Galapagos Islands. Its 150 inhabitants live mainly in Puerto Velasco Ibarra.

This island is well known for its historical background related to the Baroness and her disparition in the 1930`s with her lovers.

Located in Puerto Velasco Ibarra, the Red Mangrove Lava Lodge is built entirely in pine wood from the mainland man made forests. It is placed in front of the ocean on black lava surface. 10 independent small cabins equiped each with 1 twin size bed and a bunk bed can host up to 3 people each.

Each cabin has its own bathroom, front porch, reading and shade area to allow you privacy and enjoyement of the outdoors as you observe the sea.

Samai Lodge

At 330 feet above sea level there emerges this oasis amid the ivory nut, tangerine, and orange groves. Built with natural materials, the cabins call to mind the countryside and its sweetness rather than the beach.

Tapping the strong energy that stams from the encounter of mountain and sea, the lodges have been set up after a mixture of Feng Shui, Andean and Amazonian cosmogonies. Safeguarded by sounds of the jungle and lightened up by the ocean breeze, Samai is an inn-and-spa suited for recollection, relaxation and healing.

Cabins have excellent ocean and mountain cloud forest views. At our restaurant, guests can enjoy Ecuadorian and International cusine made with fresch vegetables from an organic farm while looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

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